We woke up to this! Mont Blanc in all its Glory

Perhaps the second day of Spring.  We woke up to this!  Yesterday was clearer by the end of the day but today was gorgeous right from the off albeit a little hazy over towards the Alps.  We really count ourselves lucky to live where we do!  We are situated at the foot of the Jura Mountains and from our balcony we look across the plain, Lac Leman and back into France and onto the Alps.  When clear we can see Mont Blanc and the surrounding ranges.  It’s a real joy to spend some down time looking across at the scenery.  We’re always in awe of the scale when we see the planes coming into land and how small they appear against the backdrop of the mountains.

If your plane has free seating from London to Geneva it is not a bad idea to sit on the left.  If the skies are clear you will have a good view of Paris, a good view of the Alps landing from across the lake or of the Jura if landing from the south of Geneva.  When leaving Geneva choose the right hand side if the planes are taking off up across the lake.  If not choose the left as you may get a good view of Paris.

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