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University Hospital Lausanne: Photo Credit Wikipedia (Gzzz)

Frontalier Health Insurance – Changes in 2014

Frontalier Health Insurance has been debated for about 50 or so years. Frontaliers are those people that cross over the border each day for work. So far the only worth while answer has been private medical insurance. About 90-95% of all frontaliers have chosen this option. This has enabled the frontaliers to obtain medical advice […]

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Hotel La Fontaine - Artenay

Hotel La Fontaine – Artenay, Loiret

Hotel La Fontaine – Artenay, Loiret is part of the Logis de France affiliation group.  While not appearing to be on the official Logis website this hotel appears in the catalogue that we have.  There may be one of several reasons for this. My son and I, with Beau, our Golden Retriever, had been travelling […]

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Old A Vendre Sign Photo by Chris Northwood (Wikimedia)

How to Sell your House in France

So you’ve decided to sell your house in France? For whatever reason you have made this decision, the steps through to a successful sale are not very different from elsewhere. The property is put on the market by whatever means for whatever price and is viewed…….  or not! Offers may be made and one must […]

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Hotel de la Poste Mornant

Mornant – A find in the Rhône

In this post we talk about discovering Mornant, a small town in the Rhone. As a teacher in Switzerland my wife, Denise, has a public holiday on Ascension Day, a Thursday.  This fell on May 9th and as always the school takes the Friday off.  The French and their Swiss cousins call this extra day […]

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