Pet Sitters; a thriving industry in France

Pet sitters are not an uncommon breed in France. They provide a wonderful service to those that need help in walking dogs or who need someone to visit their home while they are away to look after their pets. Services offered include dog walking, feeding your pets, changing litter, watering plants, opening and closing shutters. The French have even taken the name Pet Sitter but often you will see Nounou des Animaux – literally animal nanny. Other terms to search for on Google are ‘Visite à Domicile’ or ‘Soins à Domicile’

I have come across a couple of these entreprises in recent years while living in the Pays de Gex, near to Geneva.

Home Sweet Home 01170

Pet Sitters - Home Sweet Home 01170Run by three young people, Alison, Alain and Natalie. I first met Alison and Natalie as they both work for the ‘veto’ where I take my dog, Beau. Both are very professional and charming. I met Alain a while ago now when the group approached me to help them set up a website. He and I got on well from the start and I am sure they provide a thoughtful, caring service. They offer ‘visite à domicile’ to feed, clean, caress your pets, open/close shutters and water plants. They concentrate on an area around the town of Gex – it is clearly marked on their website.

So if you are going away for a holiday or even into hospital and live in the area, why not contact them and see if they are a good fit for you?

Debby Services

Pet Sitters - Debby-ServicesI met Debby some time ago now as she, her mum and their vast array of dogs (their own and those they pet sit) are regular members of a group the meet up most afternoons of the week.

We congregate close to where CERN has its Large Hadron Collider. It’s a lovely walk there and it’s great to see sometimes 20+ dogs all running around together. It is something my wife and I are going to miss when we leave the area in a few months’ time. Yes we are leaving and moving for a couple of years to our cottage in the South West. My wife is taking 2 years away from her job to pursue to few other ideas.

Any time for 'Friandises'

Any time for ‘Friandises’

As each owner arrives with his/her dog(s) all the band charge up to greet the new arrivals. Often it’s to the owner first, looking for tidbits (friandises), but they are genuinely happy to see each other. Groups will wander off a little but soon come back to check out where we are. Others chase after balls/sticks and generally let off steam. Beau, our Golden Retriever, looks as if he is interested in the sticks but won’t chase. It’s as if he understands that it’s not that good for him! He has a heart problem requiring daily medication to keep the condition in check as long as possible. Unfortunately there’s a slow deterioration but he enjoys the company of the other dogs. And he clearly likes all the owners too. As for us, the owners, we put the world to rights taking well over an hour for a walk that should last only 20 minutes.

But, I digress; Debby offers dog walking and home visits amongst other services. The full list is given on her website.

How to find Pet Sitters in your Area

Simply go to and search for terms such as; Pet sitters in France

This will give the following link high up in the search: This seems to be a fairly extensive website for the country at large.

But why not try and restrict it to your area such as ‘visite à domicile Pays de Gex’.

Do you have someone you know you could promote in your area? Why not leave a comment?



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  1. Christel van santen September 20, 2016 at 11:07 am #

    Hi Dave and Denise,
    I have enjoyed your blog and thank you for the useful information.
    I have just started my own pet sitting service in the Pays de Gex.
    Gexpets, petsitting for expats, aiming at the non francophone pet owners in this area.
    I would be happy if you could include me into your blog.

    Best regards,

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