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Pet Sitters - Nounou des Animaux

Pet Sitters; a thriving industry in France

Pet sitters are not an uncommon breed in France. They provide a wonderful service to those that need help in walking dogs or who need someone to visit their home while they are away to look after their pets. Services offered include dog walking, feeding your pets, changing litter, watering plants, opening and closing shutters. The French have even […]

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Looking After Your Pet in France

Looking After Your Pet in France: Resources

Looking after your pet in France is basically no different to elsewhere.  We nurture and care for them – it’s a simple as that.  I am not going to discuss day to day training, feeding and care.  There are plenty of sites, books and videos for those – I am not qualified enough to give advice on […]

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How to Buy Pets in France

The French as a nation really love their animals.  There are many outlets for buying pets in France but remember when adopting an animal it is for life.  Please do your research, devote time and energy and you will have hopefully many years of rewarding companionship.  Much of this will talk about our experience when […]

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