Pet Sitters - Nounou des Animaux

Pet Sitters; a thriving industry in France

Pet sitters are not an uncommon breed in France. They provide a wonderful service to those that need help in walking dogs or who need someone to visit their home while they are away to look after their pets. Services offered include dog walking, feeding your pets, changing litter, watering plants, opening and closing shutters. The French have even […]

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University Hospital Lausanne: Photo Credit Wikipedia (Gzzz)

Frontalier Health Insurance – Changes in 2014

Frontalier Health Insurance has been debated for about 50 or so years. Frontaliers are those people that cross over the border each day for work. So far the only worth while answer has been private medical insurance. About 90-95% of all frontaliers have chosen this option. This has enabled the frontaliers to obtain medical advice […]

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WRS – Update on World Radio Switzerland (English Speaking Service)

“WRS is dead.  Long live WRS.” (“Frontier” a free English magazine published for the Geneva, Lausanne and neighbouring France areas.) As from our earlier post “World Radio Switzerland“, WRS, the English speaking station in Switzerland, was indeed taken over by Anglo Media SA run by founder and radio presenter Mark Butcher.  Mark was the voice of […]

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Thermalec 46

Thermalec 46 For plumbers and electricians in the Cahors area. We have used Thermalec 46 since our main plumber/electrician retired.  They have always been professional and given an excellent service. They once came out on Boxing Day for us when we had a problem with the boiler of our central heating system.

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Switzerland - Driving with Headlights Obligatory

Switzerland – Headlights Obligatory while Driving

Switzerland – Headlights Obligatory while driving comes into force as from the beginning of January 2014.  This includes driving with their headlights even during daylight. This is just a snippet after reading an article from our friends’ website at  “Know-it-all passport®“.  They publish a wonderful book every 2 years which contains a massive amount of […]

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