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Whatever it was – it was funny!

Dave and Denise Foston are international school teachers who have shared a long-standing passion for France and the French Way of Life.  Meeting while working in different schools in Paris they bought their first property in France after working in Singapore for a year.  Since then, Dave and Denise have bought two apartments, one of which they have resold.

Both are fluent in the language, Denise studied at the Sorbonne while in Paris, gaining a ‘Certificat de Langue Française et Civilisation Supérieur A’.  Dave honed his language skills while playing field hockey (hockey sur gazon) for the Racing Club de France.  He later gained formal qualifications in French.

As a couple they have dealt with all aspects of life in France from simply enjoying an evening out at friends, at restaurants, the cinema to dealing with builders and bureaucracy and the language that entails.

They are now living in France close to Geneva and while Denise is still teaching, they have decided that Dave, now in his second year as a permanent vacancier (holidaymaker) should spend at least some of his time writing this blog about their experiences and their daily adventures.

Denise is Irish from Dublin while Dave is a Brit from Lincolnshire.  They have one son, Davin, who is now living full-time in Britain.

They welcome comments and questions from those who are interested in knowing more or share their passion about France and the French way of Life.  They realise there is a wealth of knowledge on blog and other websites.

This blog fulfils a desire to add their perspective and tell their story.

Dave & Denise Foston are not legal nor financial specialists, nor are they involved in any business to do with buying and selling houses.  Any views, comments or advice, whether explicit or implied, made on this site may not to be taken as legal advice.
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